Renewable Energy

Atlantic Contracting North West Ltd specialise in the installation and service of renewable energy, electrical, plumbing and gas. We are well established and respected within both the private & public sectors, working on domestic and commercial buildings.

Renewable Energy

Heat PumpsPV Arrays
Rain Water HarvestingSolar Thermal Collection

Because all four are renewable, clean energy sources, deciding on a single source is sometimes complicated. All four are environmentally friendly and do not pollute our fragile environment, they all offer a return on investment whether it be incentives available or savings made as well as reducing your consumption from the utility company helping you become close to free self-sufficient living.

We at Atlantic Contracting North West Ltd calculate the different prices for installing Solar Panels, Air Source Heat Pumps or converting to Solar Thermal Energy.  The initial cost of putting a system into a buildings fabric is usually high. We will weigh this against the projected long-term savings you will receive through incentives guaranteed by the Government and your utilities company which collects these payments from every household and distributes to those who have invested in "Green Technology". We at ACNWL can help you plan your project and work within your budget. We will guide you through initial costs and the long-term savings for all energy options in detail.

We will analyze energy production levels you need and recommend an application of Solar, Air pumps or Solid Biomass which are variable energy sources. Some production levels are determined by your specific location. For example, Capacity is calculated as the amount of energy produced minus the energy required to convert it to a useful form such as electricity.

We take local conditions into account, study the environment around the site where your alternative energy source installation is planned, to determine whether there are challenges that would limit productivity or eliminate one of your options entirely. For example, a site with hard/soft shade would not productively support Photovoltaic Arrays. Shade is one of the most important factors when choosing whether to install Solar Panels and remember the sun doesn't rise to the same level through seasonal change, we thoroughly check each site for these variables.

Solar photovoltaic is well-suited to large-scale properties where there is choice around the buildings, roof space, structure and orientation. It's a hugely popular choice for those with large building portfolios where roof space, structure and building orientation can be selected to take advantage of Solar PV. Let us not forget FiT making this choice a very popular one. You firstly need to know how much roof space you have before deciding what system to install.

When you are specifically considering heat pumps as a renewable energy solution, ACNWL planners take into account factors that affect the choice between three sources of energy: ground, air and water. There's no one size fits all, but we can help you decide which one is best for you.

The Renewable Heat Incentive has made most of these applications attractive for the home and business improver, please contact us to discover whether you can benefit from any of these applications with no hard sale you can rest assure our main priority is whether these are suitable for you?