Our Service Promise to You

1.We are committed to supplying only quality products and services, backed by competitive prices. In conjunction, Atlantic Contracting Northwest Ltd aims to provide excellent one-to-one customer relations - often difficult to come by in today's fast and furious business world.

2. Atlantic Contracting Northwest Ltd maintain's a stable turnover and liquidity. This allows us to honour all product and contract warranties. Projects we cover range from a few hundred pounds up to many hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our workforce have many years experience within the industry, they are highly trustworthy regularly vetted and take extreme pride in work they do.

3. We will not enter into any contracts, installation or otherwise with a contractor or end user who does not reflect our level of dedication.

4. Third parties representing work carried out by Atlantic Contracting Northwest Ltd must be reputable and professional as this ensures full protection, both to the end user and to Atlantic Contracting Northwest Ltd.

5. We safeguard ourselves and the Atlantic Contracting Northwest Ltd customer by offering only proven and reputable manufacturers of equipment and accessories certified. This ensures that, when an installation is completed and handed over to the client, the next visit to the premises is either for routine maintenance or additional surveys for extra work.

6. We will be accessible and responsive.

  • When you telephone, each staff member will identify him/herself to you.
  • We will assure that you will speak to a person who will greet you in a courteous manner and assist you in reaching the person you are calling. If that person is unavailable, we will ask if someone else can assist you or, at your option, we will offer you voicemail.
  • We will return your phone calls promptly, usually within two (2) hours. If the person you call is unavailable, a legal assistant, paralegal, or another attorney will return your call promptly.
  • We will review and respond to your e-mail usually within four (4) hours, often much sooner.
  • Our lawyers will give you their necessary contact information so you can reach them easily.
  • When we are out of the office, we will leave contact information where you can reach us or the name and telephone number of another staff member or attorney with whom you can speak in our absence, or both.

7. We will keep you informed

  • We will provide you with the right response at the right time. If we cannot meet your deadline, we will contact you and discuss it with you in advance of the original deadline.
  • We will discuss strategy with you prior to taking any significant action on your case, matter or project.
  • We will keep you up to date as the laws change and new case developments occur.
  • We will abide by any of your internal corporate or insurance reporting requirements.
  • At the beginning and throughout our representation and as often as you would like, we will provide you with information on the cost and status of your case, matter or project.

8. We will know and understand your business.

  • We will invest whatever time is necessary, at our expense, to learn your business.
  • We will listen to your goals and objectives and strive to anticipate your needs.
  • We will create legal strategies that serve your needs and meet your goals.
  • We will operate within your time frames and meet your deadlines.

9. We will watch your budget.

  • We will provide you with a legal team that gives you the best value possible by combining the right mix of legal expertise and experience.
  • We will discuss any significant proposed action with you before we incur fees or costs on your behalf.
  • We will provide any required litigation budgets.
  • We will answer your billing questions promptly and will keep you informed of costs and fees throughout our representation.
  • Unless you direct otherwise, we will send you monthly invoices promptly after the close of the month.

10. We will provide excellent client service.

  • Everyone at Atlantic Contracting Northwest Ltd, from our most junior staff member to our most senior partner, is committed to delivering to you the very best in client service and value.
  • We will continue to train everyone in our firm to deliver excellent, timely service.
  • We will address immediately any client service issues that may arise. Any of our contractors, and are always available to address your questions or concerns regarding any aspect of this Client Service Promise or any other aspect of our representation of your organization.