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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can be installed into retrofit homes to replace radiator heating systems and can make heating systems 40% more efficient. This does however cost more, ideally underfloor heating should be installed during property refurbishment or new build.

The many benefits of underfloor heating include its low cost maintenance, its superior room temperature control and its lack of wall installments such as radiators, which reduce space.

Radiators provide a circulatory heat which always starts from the celling to the floor, whereas underfloor heating heats all the floor area to the celling making efficient use of heat rising to heat rooms.

If you are considering a property refurbishment it is always advised to consider underfloor heating when choosing heat emitting packages. Atlantic can help calculate the size of underfloor pipes and install the circuit system, preparing the floor for a covering.

If you have any plans to invest in Underfloor Heating but can't decide which one/when to get it done/what it involves/how much it will cost etc. why not contact us and a friendly advisor will try and assist your needs.